Through the different processing and use of the stone Dlayer offers different lines of products, with particular specifications and with various possibilities of use.

The first of our line is DLAYER SANDSTONE Standard for building trade, specifically for coating exterior facades, thanks to its material and its rough texture.
DLAYER SANDSTONE Home allows a further application to interior architecture, thanks to its smooth and soft texture suitable for covering walls, floors and wet environments, such as areas like bathroom and Spa.

The second line is DLAYER UNIKO, which becomes a stone foil, light, flexible, transparent, a little bit thicker than 1 millimeter, ideal to cover all surfaces in forniture, furnishing and light trend.
DLAYER UNIKO, in fact, does not filter the light only, but it creates fascinating shades of colour, thanks to its transparency that allows to be applied and backlit.

The third line is EVO DLAYER born from the partnership with Sav2000 company.
This line offers the combination of glass and stone or the creation of special rigid panels with unique visual technical features suitable for many architectural applications both for indoor or outdoor buildings as well as for all the sectors where special panels are needed also matching to mirrors, heating or dimming glasses.

Finally, we have developed an innovative line, aligned with the trends of the moment, the line DLAYER TENDENZA.
Born from the perspective of recovery of waste materials in the extraction of the stone, this line offers a very particular material, that returns the effects of cement and rust. DLAYER TENDENZA is a finished material, flexible and light. It can be used in architectural and furnishing elements, for a really suggestive effect.

These are just some of the applications that our experience and our research have developed in recent years. Our imagination is in constant ferment and give voice to it, is our goal for the future.