What’s Dlayer?

DLAYER is the only original and authentic skin of flexible stone available in many colors and material effects adaptable to any idea, need and surface either indoor or outdoor.

Is it a natural product?

Dlayer is a product that can be easily disposed of without affecting the environment because it is 95% natural. The use of Dlayer in some related sectors is considered even more environmentally friendly than the stone that is commonly utilized.

How do you extract it in nature?

Dlayer is a natural stone that thanks to its original extraction system allowed for the first time the extraction of the sandstone directly from the wall of the quarry in thin layers creating a flexible light decorative film of around 2 mm with a minimalist style and unique shades made by the sedimentary statifications during million years.

What is its history?

The extraction system of the geological sediments in Lickfilm starts in 1939 for scientifi paleontological requirements. Dlayer design covering system is an evolution of the modern time transformed after decades of experience and passion into a unique cladding material, practical and versatile.

What does it mean “flexible stone”?

Dlayer is a skin of sedimentary sandstone supported by a structure of glues and natural fibers that make it practical and flexible, suitable to petrify any architectural element at a low cost in comparison to the commonly used stone.

How much does it weigh if you wish to apply Dlayer to plaster or existing walls?

Dlayer weighs around 3Kg per so It does not statically affect if applied on new structures with metal or wooden profiles used for the construction of: walls, pillars, columns, arches, false ceilings, plaster ceilings, so it does not need any structural changes also for the existing surfaces.
If Dlayer is compared to other coverings in natural or reconstructed stone of higher weight it gives a range of benefits with its application: material saving costs, workforce and finally in time and money. Perfect for the renovation of buildings, even if lived-in like hotels, schools, shops etc. etc.

How do you apply it?

Dlayer allows to create in a matter of minutes new rooms with new ideas needing just a little of manual skill and material training. You can use it as a wall paper keeping the same care in the application but it is natural stone. It can be fixed on ceramic tiles or even applied in stripes hiding the joints.

What kind of tool do you need for the application?

Dlayer can be easily cut with a cutter, it does not need any specific noisy tool and in most cases it does need skilled workforce for the simple application.

Can we apply it outdoor?

Dlayer is a covering created for the external use with the aim to maximize any kind of process above all because it does not need corners or previously customized edges.It optimizes the times of work during the laying of wide external surfaces and keeps unchanged the aesthetical effect of a pleasant finishing like the natural stone thus ennobling the great projects like the buildings facades.

Can it be used also like a covering for the external thermal insulating systems?

Dlayer is a covering used for the protection and the decoration of the external surfaces of old and new wooden buildings or with insulating coating thermal systems. Its light weight per and the thin thickness make it practical and easy for the installation, ready-to-use.

Where can it be applied?

Dlayer can be applied on several surfaces like walls, plasterboards, wooden structures, plastic, glass, iron and expanded foams. It decorates in a unique way with its aesthetical-practical properties every material with elegance and sobriety like the normal stone does.

Is this material fire-proof?

Dlayer is a natural material fire-proof, B1 class certified. It limits the risks of generation and spread of fire, suitable for public and private buildings.

Can it be backlighted?

Dlayer is made of a thin thickness of sediment that gives the product a pleasant backlit effect highlighting its natural veins. It can be also used to cover glass structures or transparent polymers to create unique particular sceneries like false ceilings, stairs, counter walls designed for pleasant effects in a soft light.

What does it happen when in contact with water?

Dlayer can be used also as a covering for damp surfaces in contact with water applying a specific protective finishing once the stone carpet laying is finished. Dlayer is suitable to the coating of shower, top kitchen, wellness enviroments, such as swimmingpool and sauna.
Dlayer has a range of certified protection products even for the application needing a practical cleaning or maintenance.

What if the material is placed in contact with high temperatures?

Dlayer can be use on surfaces that reach high temperatures, such as fireplaces. The material has a tolerabiliy of 130°.

Can it be applied to the floor?

Dlayer can be use to cover every kind of floor, thanks to our specific protective that make the material anti-scratch, chemical resistant and pratical for cleaning and maintenance. Thanks to its breathability, the material can also be used in floor covering with the integrate system of heating.

How can it be cleaned outdoor?

The outdoor surfaces are processed with a certified finishing expressly created to be water proof, stain resistant, oil proof, against weather attacks, abrasion resistant and it is not subjected to significant color fading in the long run. In case of maintenance you are to use the same standard procedure as for a natural stone cleaning.

How can it be cleaned indoor?

For any kind of application you must use specific protection finishing products that are expressly certified and designed. For damp rooms like bathrooms or kitchens we use a finishing suitable to create a surface with characteristics of dustproof, water repellent, stain resistant, oil proof and permeable to vapors, all with an easy maintenance. Dlayer has a own special surface-active product to suit a daily cleaning even if products with similar features can be found in the market.